Camera-ready due:          March 19, 2018
 Early registration deadline: April 1, 2018
FairWare 2018 keynote speakers announced:

Aws Albarghouthi

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Julia Stoyanovich

Drexel University

Ricardo Silva

University College London

Modern software is full of examples of bias. The IEEE/ACM International Workshop on Software Fairness (FairWare 2018) invites academics, practitioners, and policy makers interested in the software engineering aspects of fairness in software to contribute and attend.

What is fairness testing and what real-world problems does it solve? Watch this video (or read this paper):

How can you help? Submit a paper to or attend FairWare 2018 on May 29, 2018 in Gothenburg, Sweden. We welcome full (up to 7 pages) and short (up to 4 pages) papers that do one or more of the following:
• describe original research,
• state a position,
• survey related research,
• survey examples of bias in modern software,
• describe a new research idea, or
• formalize a problem statement.

Have relevant previously published work? We encourage you to submit a summary of that work (roughly 2 pages is enough) for a presentation slot. FairWare will not republish previously published work, but we look forward to having presentations on such work to inform the community. It's a great opportunity for us to learn and for you to advertise your work!

Who should attend? You! We welcome attendees who want to learn about cutting-edge work on software fairness and who want to be part of the conversation as this important research field gains momentum. You don't have to be a researcher, and if you are, you don't have to have worked on this problem before. The primary goal of FairWare 2018 is to draw attention the important problem of fairness in software and spark research in this under-explored area. As a result of the workshop, we will compile a research roadmap paper for the community interested in advancing fairness. This roadmap will be based on discussions in the workshop, and will serve as a guide for researchers to join and advance the community's mission.