Organizing Committee:

Yuriy Brun

Brittany Johnson

University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Alexandra Meliou

Program Committee:

Joanne Atlee

University of Waterloo

Titus Barik

Microsoft Research

Chris Bird

Microsoft Research

Sebastian Elbaum

University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Denae Ford

North Carolina
State University

Alex Groce

Northern Arizona University

Christine Julien

University of Texas, Austin

Miryung Kim

University of California
Los Angeles

Claire Le Goues

Carnegie Mellon University

Nenad Medvidovic

University of
Southern California

Alex Orso

Georgia Institute of Technology

Rahul Pandita

Phase Change Software

Liliana Pasquale

University College Dublin, Lero

Abhik Roychoudhury

National University of Singapore

Julia Rubin

University of British Columbia

Caitlin Sadowski

Google, Inc.

Lin Tan

University of Waterloo

Andreas Zeller

Saarland University
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